Italy Wedding Photographer

italy wedding photographer

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to get married to my beautiful bride in Tuscany, Italy. We both had a big love for Italy and always wanted to get married there when the time came.

Living in the UK we realised it wasn’t that easy to get everything sorted for the wedding. Apart from all the red tape and legal issues for getting married in another country, there is obviously the language barrier. Despite learning the basics – and I mean the real basics – we were worried this might cause us problems for our Tuscan wedding.

Thankfully we managed to find a wedding photographer in Italy who was born in the UK and had recently moved over there, to a small region called Abruzzo. Jason Hales proved to not only be a great wedding photographer based in Italy, but incredibly useful for making our wedding day perfect thanks to his firm grasp of the Italian language. Without him I don’t know what would have happened to our wedding photos. If we had used an Italian wedding photographer who didn’t speak English it would have been very confusing and would ultimately have cast a shadow over proceedings.

Jason liased with the wedding venue and all the Italian officials to ensure it went smoothly, all the time taking photos of the wedding day and making us feel relaxed and happy.

Jason Hales offer his wedding photography services throughout Italy, so if you are getting married in Tuscany, Rome, Milan or Naples, he is the man you want. He also offers engagement photography shoots which are great for surprising your good lady and having photographic memories to cherish for the day. Not only that, but Jason can give you a guided photographic tour of just about any Italian city, from Parma and Milan, to Florence and Rome. He knows the country very well and can take you to the best places for a photoshoot.

Jason also has many Italian connections he has built up since moving to Italy. These can be invaluable when looking for wedding venues, florists and places to stay in Italy.

His work was amazing and we came away with a lovely wedding album and some stunning canvas prints that we chose from the photos he sent us. With Jason being our wedding photographer in Italy it really did improve our special day no end, and for that we are forever grateful to him.

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