2012 and the end of the world

So tomorrow is supposed to be the end of the world, December the 21st 2012. Chances are, if you are reading this then it didn’t all go Pete Tong and life as we know it continues. If not, well there’s a fair few people on this planet who deserve to meet their maker in the Apocalypse. Of course there are also many who don’t deserve to get blown up by a meteor strike, or aliens, a massive poleshift or whatever. The world is full of good and bad, but someone once told me that everyone is doing the best they can from their current situation.

So if you see someone spreading hatred then it’s because they are not in a good place themselves. We’ve always had times when we have got angry or hurt someone else and it is because we were not in the right frame of mind. Usually we can see the bigger picture and be the better person. Which leads me onto something else I once read. We are all equal. Yes, nobody is better than anyone else on this planet. You might be a mathematic genius or that women might be drop dead gorgeous but they all have qualities. I will be better than somebody at something but they will be better than me at a good many things too.

So my ramblings for today are just a muse on life and where we are heading. Is it into the gloom of an apocalyptic world or are we, as some new agers would like us to believe, into a golden age where spiritual wisdom comes to the fore?

Let’s hope mankind is moving into a higher level of existance!

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Thinking About Life

meditation for a better life

I’m one of those people who tends to sit back and think about life from time to time. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and just keep going on without taking time for retrospection.

Think about it. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising, media, products and all kinds of technology. It wasn’t that long ago when life was much simpler. The internet is a relatively new thing. I bought my first internet enabled computer back in 1998 – the original bondi blue Apple iMac. Dial up connectivity was the norm back then – no broadband or fibre optic connections!

Now we find ourselves on the internet every day, searching for information and products to buy. We have emails, Skype, Facebook. There is so much always available that our curiosity can’t help itself and we find ourselves busy busy busy. That’s all good and well, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be looking to improve our education and understanding. The web can be a great source of useful information that enables us to develop as humans.

But one thing you really should try is to take a step back. Just find a quiet place, sit down and close your eyes. Don’t think about anything at first. It’s kind of like a meditation but even simpler. Just listen to your breathing and block out any external thoughts, noises or sounds. Let you body relax and the stresses come out. You will be surprised after a couple of minutes how deeply nice it feels just to shut off whilst being awake.

Take notice of how your body feels. Can you feel your shoulders relaxing? Does your face feel like the wrinkles are disappearing? Is your breathing becoming softer, shallower? This is because this simple relaxation technique takes you out of the busy lifestyle you ‘enjoy’ and back into your true self. Forget the material things, this is you. The real you.

Once you are in a nice deep place then you can start the though process. Maybe start with thinking about yesterday, and all the good things you had to be thankful for. You will find even the the most simple things can be worth being grateful for. Be thankful for the water you have, the food, the house. Once you begin this process you will find that you normally take things for granted. We should be grateful for everything we have in our lives. Be positive. Positivity creates a better life. Heard of The Secret? That is a great read, and it even comes as a video. Take from it what you like.

By using this simple technique every day you will find you are a much happier person. You may even find rather than just taking five minute for this, you like to extend it and do it for ten or even twenty minutes. Your life will be much improved and you will find life flows with you, rather than against you. Listen to your body, listen to your soul. These will take you on a journey that is so much better than any material fix you could ever dream about.

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Italy Wedding Photographer

italy wedding photographer

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to get married to my beautiful bride in Tuscany, Italy. We both had a big love for Italy and always wanted to get married there when the time came.

Living in the UK we realised it wasn’t that easy to get everything sorted for the wedding. Apart from all the red tape and legal issues for getting married in another country, there is obviously the language barrier. Despite learning the basics – and I mean the real basics – we were worried this might cause us problems for our Tuscan wedding.

Thankfully we managed to find a wedding photographer in Italy who was born in the UK and had recently moved over there, to a small region called Abruzzo. Jason Hales proved to not only be a great wedding photographer based in Italy, but incredibly useful for making our wedding day perfect thanks to his firm grasp of the Italian language. Without him I don’t know what would have happened to our wedding photos. If we had used an Italian wedding photographer who didn’t speak English it would have been very confusing and would ultimately have cast a shadow over proceedings.

Jason liased with the wedding venue and all the Italian officials to ensure it went smoothly, all the time taking photos of the wedding day and making us feel relaxed and happy.

Jason Hales offer his wedding photography services throughout Italy, so if you are getting married in Tuscany, Rome, Milan or Naples, he is the man you want. He also offers engagement photography shoots which are great for surprising your good lady and having photographic memories to cherish for the day. Not only that, but Jason can give you a guided photographic tour of just about any Italian city, from Parma and Milan, to Florence and Rome. He knows the country very well and can take you to the best places for a photoshoot.

Jason also has many Italian connections he has built up since moving to Italy. These can be invaluable when looking for wedding venues, florists and places to stay in Italy.

His work was amazing and we came away with a lovely wedding album and some stunning canvas prints that we chose from the photos he sent us. With Jason being our wedding photographer in Italy it really did improve our special day no end, and for that we are forever grateful to him.

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